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The architecture or system(-on-a-chip) the compiler will produce code for, e.g., PowerPC 860.

target agent


The target agent runs on the target, and is the interface between VxWorks or Wind River Linux and all other Wind River Workbench tools running on the host or target.

target application


target application responds to USB requests from the host that the TCD routes to the target application through the target layer.

target channel


See "handle".

target controller


target controller (TC) is the hardware part of the peripheral that connects to the USB.

target controller driver


The target controller driver (TCD) is the driver that sits just above the target controller and carries out all of the hardware-specific implementation of the target controller commands.

target data item


A data item in a DX server that gets its data from a data item from another DA server.

target layer


The target layer is a consistent, abstract mediator between a variety of target applications and the HAL.

target request block


The target request block (TRB) is a request block created by the HAL. It consists of the handle of the TCD, a function code, the length of the TRB, and the parameter associated with the function code. Every function code has an associated TRB. The HAL passes this request block to the TCD through the single entry point.

target server


The target server runs on the host, and connects Wind River Workbench tools to the target agent. There is one server for each target; all host tools access the target through this server.

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