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Remote Authentication Dial In User Service



Router Advertisement Daemon

RAM (Random Access Memory)


Memory that can be written to and read from by a processor. The granularity of the RAM access depends on the chosen target. Common granularity levels are words (4 bytes), dwords(8 bytes) and single bytes.

RAM is usually volatile, i.e., the content is lost or corrupted in case of a hard reset or power down.



Reverse Address Resolution Protocol

raster mode


raster mode is the method used for a graphics context to determine how a new drawing operation impacts the existing image on the display.



Regional Care of Address

real-time process (RTP)


A VxWorks process that is specifically designed for real-time systems.



Random Early Detection

refresh rate


The refresh rate is the number of times the display is refreshed per second.



The registry associates a target server's name with the network address needed to connect to that target server, thereby allowing you to select a target server by a convenient name.

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