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packet is a collection of bits, comprising data and control information--including a header, which contains the packet's source and destination IP addresses--formatted for transmission, by protocols, from one node to another.

packet filtering


Packet filtering is the selective passing or blocking of data packets as they pass through a network interface, specifically between the network and transport layers. The most commonly-used criteria when inspecting packets are source and destination address, source and destination port, and protocol. Filter rules specify the criteria that a packet must match and the resulting action taken.

painters clipping mode


The painters clipping mode is a window's visible region that includes the space occupied by its children. This mode assumes dirty windows are redrawn bottom to top, just as a painter would apply paint.



Phase Alternating Line



Information about some aspect of device software configuration. See also resource.



The bus to which a device is attached, or the bus controller of that bus.

partially linked object file


A special kind of object file that is the result of performing incremental linking, created by the linker by linking a set of object files. The partially linked object file can still have unresolved references and is not fully located. (See location.)



Peripheral Component Interconnect (personal computer bus)



Pulse-Code Modulation



Portable Document Format

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