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Oakley is a free-form protocol that allows each party to advance the state of the protocol at its own speed. From Oakley, IKE borrowed the idea of different modes, each producing a similar result ñ an authenticated key exchange ñ through the exchange of information at different speeds.



A structured instance of a resource whose attributes can be GET or SET.

object file


A binary file that can be linked into an executable, but is not executable on its own. Typically, several object files may be created from different source code files and then linked together to form an executable.

object module


See object file.

object path mappings


The object path mappings specify where the debuggable objects are to be found for both the debugger running on the host and the target. In Workbench, this is set within the Remote Systems view's Target Connection Properties.



An octet is an eight-bit grouping; usually octet is synonymous with byte except in the rare contexts in which a byte is not an eight-bit quantity.



Original Equipment Manufacturer



Object ID



Object Identifiers



Object Linking and Embedding. Built on the COM foundation, OLE adds higher level conventions for calling from interpreted languages, and so on.

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