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The Network Access Identifier (NAI), which provides the user identity of the connecting node to other mobility resources that the mobile node contacts.



Network Address Port Translation



Network Address Translation



Network Address Translation – Protocol Translation

native mode development environment


Linux: A development environment requiring a usermode agent program to be running on the target, in a Linux operating system. In this environment, the debugger and application are compiled with the same toolchain, thus no emulator is required when running in self-hosted mode.

A native mode development environment can only be used for application development.

native VxWorks


Traditional VxWorks configuration where the operating system runs standalone directly on the target hardware.



Network Driver Interface Specification.



Neighbor Discovery Protocol



NEMO stands for Network Mobility, which aims at providing mobility for entire network prefixes, not only a specific home address. This enables the mobile node for IPv6 to register network prefixes, and to provide forwarding functionality and roaming for network entities using said prefixes.



Netlink is a network service that enables bidirectional communication between the kernel and user-space processes. Netlink is a network service that enables communication between the kernel and user-space processes.

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