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message authentication code

MAC Interface


The MAC interface is the Ethernet interface used by the SNMP agent in the network device for communications to and from another device.



The Mobile Access Gateway is one of two network entities involved in the proxy mobile IP process, the other being the local mobility anchor (LMA). The MAG is a function on an access router that manages the mobility-related signaling for a mobile node that is attached to its access link. It tracks the mobile node's movements to and from the access link, and updates the mobile node's LMA as to the current location of the host. See also LMA.

magic number


LCP sends a randomly-selected magic number in its negotiation packets so that a stack can distinguish its own echoed packets from those coming from a peer; see RFC 1661.

managed build


A build for which Workbench controls all phases, available for all project types except user-defined projects.



Structure used to organize data buffers. See also cluster.

message handler


message handler is a function provided by a window class that handles messages for all windows belonging to the class. Message handlers are normally created by widget designers and not by applications.

message pipe


message pipe is a bidirectional pipe that transfers data using a request/data/status paradigm. The data has an imposed structure that allows requests to be reliably identified and communicated.

method ID


method ID is the identification of a specific driver method that may be provided by a driver. This must be unique for each method (that is, specific functionality module) on the system. See also driver method.



Management information base. A set of variables provided by the managed device (a server or an agent). The word MIB can indicate the set of all variables provided by a particular device, or a set of variables grouped together in a specification (for example, the Ethernet MIB).

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