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Local Area Network

launch configuration


A run-mode launch configuration is a set of instructions that instructs Workbench to connect to your target and launch a process or application. A debug-mode launch configuration completes these actions and then attaches the debugger.



Liquid Crystal Display

leaf node


A command node that has no other nodes subordinate to it. When entering commands, only parameters, not other commands, can follow a leaf node.



Light Emitting Diode




The configurable length of time after which IKE automatically deletes a protection suite, so that its repeated use does not pose a security risk.



A tool to combine object files into executables or partially linked object files.

linker command file


A file used by the linker that contains ordering constraints on how to combine the sections of the input object files into the single output object file. It also contains information on how to perform location.



A process executed by the linker. During linking, the linker combines input object files into a single output object file. During the process, the linker resolves unresolved references and combines the sections of the input object files into sections of the single output object.

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