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I/O request packet


An I/O request packet (IRP) is an identifiable request by a software client to move data in an appropriate direction between itself (on the host) and an endpoint of a device.



Internet Assigned Number Authority



Internet Control Message Protocol

IEEE 802.1X


IEEE standard for port-based network access control. Secures wired or wireless networks against unauthorized supplicants by requiring supplicants to be authenticated by a central server before gaining access to the network.

The IEEE 802.11 standard encompasses the physical layer (PHY) and the lower portion of the data link layer which is often referred to as the MAC sublayer.



The Internet Engineering Task Force is an international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers who work in groups on Internet standards. IEFTF is described fully a their website:



Internet Group Management Protocol



Interior Gateway Protocol



Interface ID. Every interface has a unique IID, although many implementations may exist, each with its own CLSID. For example, the OPC interface IOPCEventServer has an IID defined by the OPC .idl file. An IID is the same for all servers, so when a client connects to a specific server (using a CLSID), it still queries for a well-known IID.



Internet Key Exchange is a protocol for exchanging keying material between two peers over an insecure network link. IKE is based on ISAKMP, Oakley and SKEME. There are two versions of IKE: version 1 (IKEv1), and version 2 (IKEv2).

image test configuration file


An intermediate file used to pass the test configuration information found in the test modules to the test suite build script.

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