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See "stall".



handle is a unique identifier used for communication with the object to which it is assigned. For example, the target controller driver (TCD) provides the target application with a handle during the attachment process. The target application uses this handle to communicate with the attached TCD.

There is also a handle for every pipe created by the target application. The target application uses this handle to communicate with the pipe.



The function that executes when a request is made of a particular resource. Some handlers, such as command handlers and WindMark handlers, are implemented by you. Other handlers, such as the MIBway handler, HTML form SELECTED and CHECKED handlers, and built-in global CLI command handlers, are provided as part of Wind River CLI, Web, MIBway.

hardware adaptation layer


The hardware adaptation layer (HAL) provides a hardware-independent view of the target controller to higher layers in the stack.

hardware cursor


hardware cursor is an implementation of cursor technology that puts a graphic cursor on a different drawing plane from other primitive drawing operations.

hardware offloading


Hardware offloading is the general concept of deferring tasks, that would normally be carried out in software by the "main" CPU to special hardware or dedicated CPU cores.



A portion of RAM that contains neither executable code nor predefined variables. It can be used for dynamic memory allocations and is available for any process to use.

help key


The help key (or combination of keys) is determined by your host platform: press F1 on Windows, or Ctrl+F1 on Linux and Solaris.

Press the help key in Workbench to get context-sensitive help.



Hierarchical Fair Service Curve



High-speed refers to USB operation at 480 Mb/s. See also low-speed and full-speed.

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