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generic endpoints


The generic endpoints are all the endpoints used to support bulk, isochronous, and interrupt transfers. Generic endpoints do not include control endpoints (see control endpoint).

gif interface


gif interface is a generic tunneling pseudo device for IPv4 and IPv6. It can tunnel IPv[46] traffic over IPv[46]. Therefore, there can be four possible configurations. The behavior of gif is mainly based on RFC2893 IPv6-over-IPv4 configured tunnel. See also stf interface.

global command node


Global commands are accessible whether or not you are in an intermediate mode.

graphics context


graphics context is a data structure containing information relevant to a current drawing operation such as line width, fill pattern, and clip regions. A graphic context is created by an application to perform graphics rendering.



group (in the context of multicasting) is a specific IP address for which there can be zero or more listeners. An IP datagram sent to a group should be delivered to all nodes listening to that group.



Generalized Timing Format



Graphical User Interface



The left vertical border of the editor view where breakpoints and the program counter appear.