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fast frame check (FCS)


A checksum used to detect data corruption during transmission.

fast path


fast path is a fast IP-forwarding mechanism that intercepts packets before they are passed up to IP. If the packet is destined for a location known to the fast path route cache (also known as the FIB, the Forwarding Information Base), the application forwards the packet. If the destination is unknown to the FIB, the application leaves the packet to IP.

favored peer option


The favored peer option determines which peer is favored in the event of a race condition in which both peers simultaneously transmit the same variety of BAP request.



feature is the element to be set or cleared for a GET_FEATURE or CLEAR_FEATURE request from host. See Feature Parameter.



Front End Processor



Forwarding Information Base



The criteria on which events may be selected. These include, type of event, categories, source, area, and severity.



firewall is a piece of hardware or software used in a networked environment to prevent communications that are forbidden by the security policy. A common type of firewall is a router retrofitted with extra software for packet filtering based on a list of rules or criteria.

first in, first out


first in, first out (FIFO) protocol is an approach to handling program work requests from a queue or stack. The request that enters the queue first is addressed first.

flexible managed build


Deprecated name for what is currently called managed build.

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