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CA cert


A CA cert is a digital certificates issued by a Certificate Authority.

callback function


callback function is a routine defined by an application that is called back by library code in response to a message.

callback routine


callback routine is registered with the lower layers by the client module. Callback routines are mapped to events, so that when a specific event occurs, the lower layers call the corresponding routine to signal the client module that the event has occurred.



The care-of address is a temporarily acquired IP address that a mobile node obtains when it attaches to a foreign link. Under Mobile IPv4, care-of-address is used for communication between the mobile node and the mobile node's home agent. It is not used for any type of persistent moveable traffic. The address is formed based on router advertisements on the current network. See also mobile node and home agent.



Cipher Block Chaining



Class-Based Queueing



Common Cryptographic Interface



Cursor Device-Dependent Bitmap



Cursor Device-Independent Bitmap

CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling)


The Eclipse C/C++ IDE.

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