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Connection-Oriented Message Passing

compile-time macro


compile-time macro is a build flag.



A tool to translate a given programming language (e.g. C or C++) into another language. The result is either an object file format, or an intermediary language suitable to be processed into an object file by other tools (e.g., the assembler)

The term "compiler" is sometimes loosely used as a synonym for the entire tool chain used to create an executable. See tool chain.

compiler switch



An application code segment that communicates with the backplane. Examples include the embedded HTTP server, the embedded telnet daemon, a project that implements a command tree (or a subset of a larger command tree), and a Web portfolio.

A Wind River CLI, Web, MIBway component is distinct from a VxWorks component, which is a program that can be linked and manipulated by VxWorks. A VxWorks component or application can contain several Wind River CLI, Web, MIBway components.



A condition is a named state of the OPC Event Server, or of one of its contained objects, which is of interest to its OPC clients. For example, the tag FIC101 may have the "LevelAlarm" or "DeviationAlarm" conditions associated with it. a condition may be defined (optionally) to include multiple subconditions. For example, a "LevelAlarm" condition may include the "HighAlarm", "HighHighAlarm", "LowAlarm", and "LowLowAlarm" subconditions.

condition event


Condition event is one that is associated with a condition. An event may or may not be associated with a condition. For example, the transitions into the "LevelAlarm" condition and the return to normal are events, which are associated with conditions. However, operator actions, system configuration changes, and system errors are examples of events, which are not related to specific conditions. (NOTE: In the case of Wind River's Wind River OPC A&E server, alarms are simple events.)

configuration editor


The configuration editor is a graphical configuration tool to generate required source files that define a Media Library configuration.

configuration request


PPP peers negotiate the characteristics of their connection by exchanging configuration requests.

console tools


The console tool set provides the code generation features of the WMIT for command-line use on Windows and Solaris hosts. The console tools consist of rombuildwmbbdwmcbdwmmbd, and wmwbd.

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