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channel number


channel number is an audio port on the audio device.



A device that is attached to a bus.



Classless Inter-domain Routing



The client is software resident on the host that interacts with the USB system software to arrange data transfer between a function and the host. The client is often the provider and consumer of the transferred data.

clip children mode


Clip children mode is a method whereby a window's children are excluded from its visible region. This means the window is never allowed to draw in the space occupied by its children.

clip rectangle


The clip rectangle is the rectangular area in the default bitmap to which drawing operations are restricted.

clip region


The clip region is an abstract area in the default bitmap defined by the union of a set of rectangles to which drawing operations are restricted. Clipping regions restrict the area in which drawing operations may take place.



Class ID. Every implementation of an interface (a class) must register a unique CLSID so the system knows what to create. For example, every OPC server will register its own CLSID so that a client can create the specific one it wants. Compare this with an IID. See the definition for IID.



Buffers used by netBufLib to hold packet data. See also mBlk.



Color Lookup Table

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