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build spec


A particular set of build settings appropriate for a specific target board.

This provides functionality that is configured into a target server to allow it to communicate with various target agents, based on the mode of communication that you establish between the host and the target (network, serial, and so on).

bulk transfer


Bulk transfer is one of the four USB transfers. These are nonperiodic, large bursty communications typically used for a transfer that can use any available bandwidth but can also be delayed until bandwidth is available.



A hardware mechanism for communication between the processor and a device, or between different devices. This term can also apply to processor-to-processor communication, such as with RapidIO or the processor local bus (PLB) on SMP and AMP systems.

bus controller


The hardware device that controls signals on a bus. The bus controller hardware must be associated with a bus controller device driver in order for VxBus to make use of the device. The service that a bus controller device driver provides is to support the devices downstream from the controller. The bus controller driver is also responsible for enumerating devices present on the bus. See also devicedriver, enumeration, and instance.

bus discovery


See "enumeration".

bus match


A VxBus procedure to create an instance whenever a new device or driver is made available. This procedure is used to determine if a given driver and device should be paired to form an instance.

bus reset


bus reset is a first signal sent by the host to the device once the host has detected a connect to the device on the bus. The control pipes should be created on a bus reset. See also control pipe.

bus type


A kind of bus, such as PCI or RapidIO. See also bus controller.


CA cert


A CA cert is a digital certificates issued by a Certificate Authority.

callback function


callback function is a routine defined by an application that is called back by library code in response to a message.

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