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board support package (BSP)


Board Support Package (BSP) consists primarily of the hardware-specific code for a particular target board. A BSP includes facilities for hardware initialization, interrupt handling and generation, hardware clock and timer management, mapping of local and bus memory space, and so on.



Bootstrap Protocol

branch node


A branch node (or intermediate node) is a command node that exists hierarchically (on the command tree) between other nodes. A branch node is subordinate to another node (perhaps only the root node) and has nodes subordinate to it.



A network packet or frame is broadcast if it is addressed not to a particular address but to all machines on a subnet or network segment.



The browse path defines the path used to reach the DXConnection when browsing the DX Database. Branches within the browse path represent logical groupings of DXConnections. Clients are allowed to define more than one browse path for each DXConnection, thus enabling DXConnections to belong to more than one logical grouping.



Board Support Package



In several places within this document, there are references to file names that are based on the BSP. These filenames have the string bspname substituted. For example, if you are working on a BSP calledacmeBSP, change any reference bspname to acmeBSP. For example, bspname .h would become acmeBSP.h.



The type of project built: managed build by default (formerly flexible build); and also a deprecated but still available standard managed build  (sometimes known as a standard build). There are also user-defined and disabled builds


build flag


build flag variable is defined in the makefile and used to set various compiler options.

build macro


build macro is a build flag

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