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address pool


A remote access server may assign IP addresses to its clients, and if so, it typically selects these from a predefined address pool.



Make available to VxBus, as with a driver method.

advise sink


An object that absorbs notifications from a source. The advise sink not only handles notifications for data changes, but it also is generally used to detect changes in another compound document object, such as when it is saved, closed, or renamed.



Advanced Encryption Standard



The Authentication Header protocol provides connectionless integrity, data origin authentication, and an optional anti-replay service. Unlike ESP, AH secures parts of the IP header such as the source and destination addresses.



An alarm is an abnormal condition and is thus a special case of a condition.



The Application Level Gateway is a module used together with NAT to support protocols that embed address information in the payload data. An ALG is sometimes also called application proxy.

alpha blending


Alpha blending is a process where multiple graphics planes are combined to produce the displayed image. Often the planes are blended with varying degrees to produce visual effects of translucency.

apartment-threading model


Describes how interface calls are made to an object and defines the rules for passing interface pointers between threads. In the Apartment-threading model, one or more threads in a process can use OLE, and calls to OLE objects are synchronized by OLE. Objects can only be called from the thread that created them.



Application Programming Interface

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