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source lookup path


The source lookup path specifies the location that the Workbench debugger uses to identify and open each source file as it is being debugged. This is set in the Debug view in Workbench.

Source Server


Any DA server. Its data items are used as the source data items. OPC DX clients use OPC DX specific services to specify the Source Servers of a DX server.



Security Policy Database



A security parameter index is a 32-bit value included in ESP and AH headers, which is used to identify which SA should be applied to a packet.

split horizon


Split horizon is the policy of excluding route information in responses sent to a network if the route was learned from a message received on that network. Using split horizon, a host will not send information to node A if it received the information from node A in the first place. See also poisonous reverse.



The target application may stall a generic endpoint in response to certain error conditions, which indicates to the host that an error has occurred on the target.

standard build; standard managed build


Synonymous, deprecated project build types suitable for projects with build structures similar to the file system structure.

standard request


standard request is a certain USB request, such as GET_STATUS or SET_CONFIGURATION, which all USB devices support. Devices respond to this request even if it is not assigned an address or configured.



The start-of-frame (SOF) is the first transaction in each microframe. An SOF allows endpoints to identify the start of the microframe and synchronize internal endpoint clocks with the host.



state is the last known status or condition of a process, application, object, or device. The state of an endpoint indicates whether or not it is stalled.

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