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When a PPPoE client transmits requests containing the "any" service name, it expects a server to respond with a list of available service names. The client can then send one of these service names in a true connection request.








Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting



A built-in parameter type that has no value associated with it--either it is present or it is not. In the example below, up is a parameter of type absolute that tells what to do to the parameter keyword address.

     set ip address x.x.x.x up


     set = node

    ip = node

    address = param #1 keyword

    x.x.x.x = param #1 value

    up = param #2 (absolute value)

access concentrator


PPP is a peer-to-peer protocol, but also has client/server aspects. An access concentrator is a PPPoE server that responds to requests for particular services.

access routine


A routine provided by VxBus that a driver calls in order to access or manipulate a device register.



Abstract Control Management. A layer of the RNDIS implementation.

active device


An active device is a device that is powered and that is not in the suspend state.

active view


The view that is currently selected, as shown by its highlighted title bar. Many menus change based on which is the active view, and the active view is the focus of keyboard and mouse input.

address field

1. In a public switched network directory number, the address field contains the international telephone directory number.
2. In HDLC-framed packets, the frame begins with an address field indicating the frame's destination.

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